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Rapid Dispatch Scheduler


Client wished to create a highly complex as well as software-as-a-service based web application for unions associated with maritime industry from different parts of the globe.

The aim was to provide Accessible, Actionable & One touch scheduling and communication facility in a single tool, out of which the prime considerations are listed below:

  • Job scheduler has live, RSS feed to union website.
  • Daily jobs scheduled are displayed on member personal web page that lists current job assignments for one or five days.
  • An online archive of daily/weekly/monthly scheduling history.
  • A live facilities update displays current job: filled and available in real time.
  • One-touch communication through the text message on the cell phone and email on mobile and personal computer.
  • Work-history web page for each member on the local website.


  • Development Tool :

    Visual Studio

  • Database:

    Microsoft Azure SQL Database

  • Tools & Technologies :

    Microsoft C#.Net, Microsoft .NET Framework


TatvaSoft built an exemplary scheduling tool which allows unions to reduce scheduling calls by 75%; document storage by 90%.

  • Split screen scheduler allows dispatchers to schedule local members with a simple, robust web based application with drag-and-drop functionality.
  • A personal web page for each member to list current job assignments for one or five days.
  • Member Login can be used by individual registered members.
  • To communicate with union members through SMS text message to cell phones and Email to their Mobile or personal computer.
  • Daily job schedule displayed on member personal web page.
  • Live facilities update displays real-time job scheduling on the union website.
  • Bulletins on website communicate member availability and job status.
  • System accepts member availability roaster in editable seniority/group order.
  • System allows customized data fields for local names, locations and hiring rules.
  • Dispatcher can build and schedule a facility, using a convenient dropdown menu, pre-loaded with the names of local stevedoring companies and terminals.
  • Pre-Built facilities with existing job profiles, terminals and stevedoring companies can be saved, reused and repopulated.
  • An archival of scheduled jobs for 36 months.


After the launch of this Software-as-a-Service scheduling application, our client was able to join hands with many of the unions in the maritime industry to provide them access to this system, which helped all of them get live schedule job feeds of their members as per the rules/filters set by them.

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