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Supply Chain Management System


Our Client wanted a web-based system that could offer robust order processing alternatives including:

  • A fully integrated web-based catalogue to process B2B or B2C transactions.
  • Add credit card processing
  • Cash management
  • Data warehousing to achieve a comprehensive e-Commerce solution


  • Technology

    Microsoft ASP.Net, VB.Net

  • Database

    Microsoft SQL Server


TatvaSoft solution was a complete web-based application developed using Microsoft ASP.Net with following modules:

It offered following features which include:

  • Maintenance: This part is used mainly for the master data that are used in other modules like company, customer, warehouse, consignee, inventory, bin, carrier, freight zone, freight rate, UDF, login, rights and reports
  • Accounting: This module is incorporated mainly for data that are used in the other modules like the end of the day transaction, A/R invoices, credit card transactions, accounting periods
  • Shipping: This part is included mainly for data that are used in the other modules like Shipping labels and Purolator
  • Reports: This part is mainly for showing different reports. Note that there are also many reports embedded in the interface - usually attached to the "print" button.
  • Ordering: This module is developed mainly for data that are used in other modules like shipping orders, receiving goods, bin transfers, storage fees and misc. fees. Under the Ordering section is also Meta-Orders - this functionally is to import and process large numbers of orders (500 to 10,000) simultaneously using a variety of import methods, order processing methods and billing methods


The main objective of the logistic system was to maximize customer service level and to minimize total cost in its activities. In other words, the objective was to generate value for the customer and to reduce cost in the production process. Apart from that, the system had the following benefits:

  • Optimising stock holding levels and space utilization
  • Ensuring total stock integrity and accurate stock rotation
  • Optimising service levels & increase customer satisfaction
  • Reduced Paperwork
  • Less errors
  • Making Complete Logistic simple and easier to manage.
  • Helping Executive Management team by providing Reports
  • Reducing auditing and stock check costs
  • Improving operational efficiency and productivity
  • Reducing the labour costs associated with manual keying
  • Assisting in the elimination of picking errors leaving the warehouse
  • Delivering greater responsiveness

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