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System Monitor


System Monitor product was developed for our client which manages software and hardware inventory in the organization and also helps networking person to troubleshoot issues remotely.

Client Requirement:

  • Product should be able to manage software and hardware inventories of the entire organization.
  • Software product should be able to monitor exchange server, SQL Server, FTP server and few other servers.
  • Product should allow remote install and uninstall of software using a web-based interface
  • All system hardware configurations can be viewed from web-based interface like the brand of motherboard, RAM, Hard disk partitions & available space etc.


  • Web Server


  • Programming Language


  • Database

    Microsoft SQL Server

  • Development Tool

    Visual Studio

  • Project Management Tool

    Windows Server and Microsoft XP

  • Server

    Internet Information Server


We created a product using Microsoft .Net framework consisting of server and client part. Server part contained a web-based interface for network admin with 25 plugins to monitor different tasks on each system while client part included limited functionality for the individual system. System monitor product is having following features:

  • Management of hardware inventory in the selected network
  • Management of software inventory
  • Process management in each individual system
  • Services and status management on the individual workstation as well as on servers
  • Ajax based web interface
    • Remote configuration
    • Control panel for all machines
    • Investigating warnings and messages
    • Logbook
    • Hardware inventory
    • Unattended installation on the workstation from the server
    • Process killer
    • Service restart
    • Local inventory
    • Import/Export configuration
    • Set notification rules
  • Remote Control
    • Remote client control
  • Notifications
    • Net send notifications
    • DB notifications
    • Launch script (VBS, CD, VAB)
    • Text message notification
    • Email notification
  • 25 Plugins created to execute different tasks related to
    • Connectivity
    • Database
    • Email
    • Performance
    • Security


  • Centralized hardware and software inventory.
  • Detection of services which may have stopped and start them automatically.
  • Verify 25 items simultaneously at predefined intervals and create a report based on parameters set.
  • Allows network admin to control workstations from single web-based interface and troubleshoot
  • Reduction of breakdowns in the system and save time.

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