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Task Management System


Hospitality Industry is the most important business sector for the economic growth wherein good facilities and management plays a major role. In chained restaurants, many of the tasks were handled manually and information was distributed over different branches which were creating problems in day to day coordination. The quality of their services was at stake and it was also difficult to manage discrete resources. The client was looking for an application that can handle complex internal workflow of chained restaurants regardless of isolated branches and departments.

Key challenges of the project were:

  • The solution should be able to fill the gap into existing workflow, smoothen and improve it.
  • Managing business critical documents and confidential contents effectively and efficiently at a centralized repository to respond to business need and generate revenue.
  • A single business network system that unites personal, HR group and hotel workflow together and accurately tracks employee budget based on region and branch, employee transfer details, employee contracts and employee payment.
  • Managing different requests that include raising and handling complaints, equipment supply request, job orders for the maintenance supervisor and vehicle maintenance tasks.
  • Effective reports and matrixes that can provide information on the availability of manpower across different branches and regions.
  • Easy administration with configuration setting and preferences allows to manage access and permissions across different user groups and regions with customizable configuration parameters.


  • Technology:

    Microsoft SharePoint, C#

  • Database:

    Microsoft SQL Server

  • Web Server:

    Microsoft Office SharePoint Server


TatvaSoft provided a solution "Task Management System" with enterprise-grade security, single sign-on for easy user management, and robust service level agreements intended to manage documents and requests centrally.

Its salient features are listed below:

  • Document Management
    • Provision of the document library that consists of five different library sections for employees, administrator, managers, branches and public respectively.
    • It has predefined permission which can be customized as per users' requirement.
    • An authenticated user can create, upload and search documents in the libraries.
    • Custom Templates: Includes re-usable pre-set document templates.
  • Calendar: Facility to manage appointments and events by setting different calendar types such as Gregorian, Hijri etc.
  • HR workflow facilitates to manage various HR operations that includes:
    • Employee Budget: Define region and branch wise employee budget and approve requirements.
    • Employee Transfer: Handles request for employee transfer and allowing the regional manager to approve or reject the transfer requests.
    • Employee Contracts: Provision to get alert for the employee contracts that are near to expiration. On renewal or approval of contract expiry, a notice contract is automatically created and HR is notified about the status of the contract.
    • Quick Pay: Facility to have a list of employee payments and allow setting payment methods and approvals.
  • Managing Requests: Facility to manage different types of requests that includes:
    • Complaints: This will allow the user to define and manage complain categorised by raising and assigning it to the defined group of responsible persons to solve it.
    • Equipment Supplies Request: This will allow the user to raise request, get approval, modify the details if the request is rejected and transfer requested equipment if accepted.
    • Maintenance Job Order: This will allow the user to define job details and get received by the responsible person who can assign the job to the worker and complete the job.
    • Vehicle Maintenance: This will allow the user to define, allocate to a worker and monitor it to make sure of its completion.
  • Reports
    • Budget Matrix: It shows availability of employees with respect to actual required employees for each job position at each branch and region.
    • Penalty: Show area and branch wise paid penalties with Information.
  • Administration: Provision of managing the site that includes site permission, SharePoint user group, regional settings, site configuration and set up of timer job application.


"Task Management System" has drastically decreased paper-work volume, increased productivity by improving existing process flow and eliminating manual work, enabled high level of data and information security, reduced delay in day to day job, enabled effective sharing of the information with different user groups quickly and easily and reduced costs by automating the document management process.

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