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Tourism Management System


The client (Government body) - organises, enables, and supervises the tourism industry development in Qatar. They are actively involved in the development of Qatar as a leading world-class event destination as well as a quality tourism destination for leisure, business, education, and sport and thus evolve growth in the tourism industry.

The client wishes to develop a centralised web-based system for State Security Bureau(SSB) and Tourism Authority. The ultimate aim of developing this system is to control country violations and find out tourism statistics.

Key challenges and objectives of the system were:

  • A tool for reservation agents and global sales staff to maximize bookings and increase revenue in any size chain or multi-property environment.
  • Visitors tracking right from the airport
  • Blacklisted visitors and passport based tracking
  • Rate and Inventory Control
  • Administration, Security and Reporting
  • This system can be used for both kinds of hoteliers: hoteliers having their own information system and hoteliers who don't have their system.


  • Technology :

    Microsoft .Net, C#

  • Database :

    Microsoft SQL Server

  • External Tools or Components :

    Adria and Samsotech Scanners


TatvaSoft implemented "Tourism Management System" offers following core features for SSB, Hoteliers and Visitors and Guest:

  • State Security Bureau (SSB)
    • Integration with 3rd party Hotel Information System.
    • Personalised and custom dashboard gives quick overview of month wise visitors, blacklisted visitors, new hotels and employee approval, peak hotels, news etc.
    • Hotel management from where SSB can approve hotels, their employees, renew hotel's licences and publish messages for hoteliers.
    • Mailbox for communication with internal staff as well as with Hoteliers.
    • Schedule and publish news
    • Alert settings that help to be updated.
    • Reports reflect the property or hotel performance and violations.
    • Audit logs to maintain the audit records of reservation and profile related activity done by each staff.
  • Hotelier
    • Hotel Profile facilitates hotelier to maintain all information about its licence, partners, rooms, photos, amenities, shops and safety and security details.
    • Facility to manage the various events and seasonal promotional activities.
    • Manage information about its staff like their personal details, ID cards, designation, organization chart, official documents, etc. through Hotel Employee Management.
    • Rate and Inventory management allows defining rates for different properties. Type of rooms and its rates can be restricted automatically based on a percentage of advance booking, arrival dates, stay period, etc. and can be easily counted best rates for any length of stay period.
    • Customise Sales process by individual hotel or chain.
    • Reservation Facility allows to manage critical activities like shared reservations, frequent flyer, loyalty program memberships, negotiated rates & discounts, routing instructions and split charges with the management of advance deposit transactions and cancellation penalty.
    • Group & Block booking covers features like room sharing, room blocking, deposits, tour series, etc.
    • Multi-Property Rate Display shows room types, rates, and packages for one or more properties. The staff will be able to quickly search for available dates when request dates are already booked. Booked or unavailable rooms will be displayed in different colours to provide quick glance through.
    • Reports and personalised dashboard provides quick and detailed analytics on various hotel transactions and visitor flow.
  • Guest or Visitors
    • Internationally accessible: The system will have bilingual (English and Arabic) and multi-currency facilities to serve international customers. Prices can be converted from national currency to foreign country currency.
    • Advanced Search facility to search room availability across hotels and chains with different search criteria such as hotel name, city, type (e.g., 3-star, 4-star), attractions, rate range, etc.
    • Facility to have detailed information on hotel such as offered amenities, services, rate, special offers, etc. with provision to book online.


By replacing and integrating with major hotel system in Qatar with Tourism Management System, now SSB can easily monitor tourism process and violations across the country. The tourist authority can better plan, strategies and invest in tourism activities due to better statistics. Visitors can explore all hotels information through a single point and get the benefit of competitive price.

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