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Restaurant POS system


Client is based in South Africa and successfully runs a famous restaurant chain in the country. The client stands as one of the top restaurants in the country and has a large customer base. Client required windows based Restaurant POS system to automate all the transactions in his restaurant chain. He wanted to accelerate his growth and stand distinguished from his competitors. To achieve this, he needed to implement a quality restaurant management system that would ensure correct processes were easily accessible at each of his restaurants.

For the restaurants having a good customer base, making all the transactions through pen and paper is very unsystematic and time-consuming task, so a strong need for automated management system arises.

Key challenges of the project were:

  • Support of touchscreen user interface of Sales Counter
  • Integrating kitchen, bar and store of multiple restaurants
  • Selection of options for fine dining or kiosk base dining


  • Server:

    Microsoft Windows Server

  • Web Server:


  • Reporting Tool:

    Crystal Report

  • Database:

    Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL

  • Tools & Technologies:

    Microsoft .Net Framework, Microsoft C#.Net, Desktop application


TatvaSoft has developed Restaurant POS solution for a client from Travel & Hospitality vertical that was highly effective in managing the restaurant business while meeting the following requirements:

The solution delivered following functionality that adapts today's business demands with the long-term perspective and established standards.

  • Customer management with a gift voucher and happy hours services where customers can gain discounts on different items
  • Currency and Exchange rate management with one base currency
  • Staff management, Payment options like cash, cheque, credit cards etc. with multi-currency support
  • Sales counter with touch screen facility that includes:
    • Opening, assigning and reserving the table
    • Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT) management like KOT order, served or rejected etc.
    • Take away meal service
    • Managing shift timings of staff
    • Reports with complete sales and other transaction summaries with a currency-wise cash balance of counter
    • Catering services management for different occasions
    • Inventory management
    • Track demands and supplies of food products
    • Eliminate waste in supplies
    • Generation of GRN, Purchase order, Supplier invoice, Sales Order etc.
  • Report generation for different processes like:
    • Purchase
    • Catering
    • Inventory
    • MIS
    • Financial
    • These in-depth reports provide you with all cross-over information you need to make right decisions.


Fully automated Restaurant POS system, with touch screen facility for sales counters, has helped us manage the restaurant more effectively and efficiently by computerizing meal ordering, billing and inventory control. Streamlining every process has helped us restructure our entire flow in a well-organized form. Monitoring and maintaining a track record of every activity is also assisted.

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