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Activity Scheduler


Our client based in Netherlands required an intranet software application that would allow doctors to manage their daily activities. A platform on which doctors from different hospitals can feed in their data to create and manage their daily activities. The data so entered should also be visible to other doctors. This would ensure that the working of the hospitals remained unaffected because of their leaves and other absenteeism. The main objective of the software was to thus divert the idle resources (doctors) to where they were required.

Activity Scheduler task management system was thus devised to create and manage the daily tasks and activities related to doctors and hospitals. The system asks for data related to Schedule, Leave planner, Administrator, Reports and Customer Appointment. Each module plays an important role to achieve client requirements.


  • Operating System

    Windows or later version

  • Frameworkork

    Microsoft .Net

  • Web Server

    IIS or later version

  • Programming Language


  • Database

    MS SQL Server


The solution Activity Scheduler designed by TatvaSoft proved to be extremely useful and efficient with following features:

  • Schedule: Authorized user are able to manage their schedules based on the timeline and activities. An outlook type (Monthly, Weekly, and Daily) calendar helps to view the information quickly.
  • Leave Planner: Users and Doctors can plan the holiday/s in advance. This part is tightly coupled with schedule and doctor can view approved holiday on schedule.
  • Customer Appointment: To add and manage customer appointments with hospital department so that authorized users can view appointments in advance.
  • Reports: Multiple reports will be generated to view statistics on the system. For instance, report on activity, report on doctor activity, report on Holiday etc.
  • Administrator: To manage the different areas and departments of the hospital. For example, Hospital Zones, Doctors Information, Activities Information, Leave Management, Reports and Ad-hoc Reports etc. Some of the Administrator powers are as below. All these powers can be exercised only by the person authorized.
  • Manage Customer: Add customer details
  • Manage Hospital: To add Hospital and its detail so that data related to the doctors, users and other information related to each hospital can be maintained.
  • Manage Department: To create and manage hospital department.
  • Manage Rooms: To create and manage hospital rooms
  • Instrument Management: To manage instruments available with a hospital.
  • Manage User leave: To view and reject leave application of doctor and user
  • Manage Role: To create role type with different number of authorization
  • Manage User: To add user and his types with appropriate role assignment. We can set total number of leaves available for each user.
  • Manage Public Holiday: To add a public holiday in the system so the user can see the public holiday on the calendar.


TatvaSoft's end-to-end services helped them in realizing their business goals. It benefitted them in the following way as new features and functionalities were added:

  • Connects all its offices and maintains all the transactions in the central database with Zero downtime
  • Centralisation of the system removed person dependency and resulted in increased productivity and efficiency
  • Client got qualified for the bank charter in Sweden complying with Swedish cash register law "nya kasslagen"
  • Secured and error-free transactions

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