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Healthcare System


Client wished to create an application that would provide information of the patient to doctor along with the records of past visits and past health issues. Along with that client also desired a smart health prediction app based on symptoms for patients.

Medical Information System has a wide range of goals and objectives out of which the prime considerations are listed below:

  • Mobile app for the symptoms based predictions
  • Biometrics for login – Nurse, Clerk or Doctor and For patients’ identification to fetch their medical records
  • Kiosk supported solution
  • Telemedicine feature to let patient and doctor be in a quick connection for instant cure
  • Artificial intelligence for symptoms based health assumptions
  • Video calling with medical experts for constant monitoring the health condition in case of emergency
  • WebRTC based video calling functionality for conversation of patients and doctors
  • Reduced waiting time and pre-emptive diagnostics & vitals
  • Centralized and secure database for patients records and interoperability with other healthcare providers
  • Potter management to monitor the hospital or clinic equipment conditions


  • Development Platform


  • Architecture


  • Tools & Technology

    Android Studio, Java

  • Database

    Room Database only for GeoHealth App

  • Third Party API

    Dragon SDK, Google Places API, Healthservice



TatvaSoft developed a cloud based software solution which is easily accessible from desktops and kiosk that offers user-friendly features that promotes purchase of this software product.

It offered following features which include:

  • Patients can add their basic information along with the symptoms of their health issues in the kiosk based system.
  • Patients can book the appointment from the mobile app. Even can have video chat with the doctors.
  • Patients’ record are verified by Biometrics Authentication. Nurses can add the vitals information and notes (if required) and create the token for the queue.
  • Nurses can add the vital information and notes (if required) and share details for doctors’ consultation. Other necessary information like – Allergies, Chronic Medication, Dietary Requirements, Family History, Lifestyle, Medical Conditions and Surgical History can also be recorded. Dynamic forms for specific diseases are generated – nurses can fill the particular details for it accordingly.
  • Doctors’ are categorized based on their specialization and according the patients’ are queued. Doctors’ can add and view the diagnosis along with the patients’ based medical records and visit (irrespective of visit in any location) and prescribe the medication.
  • Based on the Vitals and Complaints, doctor create the SOAP (Subjective, Objective, Assessment, Plan) in predefined assessment template or can create or add new template. Even doctor can refer the patient profile via referrals.
  • Prescribed medication and tests are forwarded to the pharmacist and pathologist respectively. The test reports are send to the respective doctors’ and based on it the doctor can add notes for the patients.
  • The system in all comprises of each of the below mentioned system -
    • Electronic Medical Record (EMR) containing the complete patient chart with the medical history, visit history, diagnoses and treatments by particular medical expert.
    • Electronic Health Record (EHR) to maintain the full patient history online
    • Pharmacy Information System (PIS) that enables prescription management from doctor and dispensation of medication to patients.
    • Laboratory Information System (LIS) to manage details of samples and reports
    • Hospital Information System to maintain the hospital or clinical records of the patients. Wards are also managed from this system.
    • Potter Management to monitor the condition of the health equipment’s continuously in every ward.
  • Blockchain based system for significantly centralizing and securing the database for patient medical records.
  • Billing information system to calculate the fees and generating the invoice.
  • Mobile EMS system in sync with the Medical Information System to record the patient information in case of emergency and to book the ward and surgery immediately.
  • Live video call for emergency treatment in ambulance and to constantly monitor the health changes.
  • Artificial Intelligence for answering the system related queries and health related detection.
  • The system is SaaS based for inter-operability with other healthcare providers and hospitals.
  • Report generation for social health determination of population and other reports for analyzing the hospital and disease records.


Client intended to develop the apps that would help patients to monitor their health. Mobile apps were developed by TatvaSoft that served multi-purposes. Below is the list of each app along with their key features –

  • Doctor’s App
    • Managing the Patient’s record along with their vitals and diagnosis information
    • Creating the Notes – (Text, Speech, Image) and add to the Patients’ details
    • Monitor the patients’ laboratory test reports
    • Telemedicine concept is implemented in the app for the video chat amongst Patient and Doctor
  • Mobile EMS
    • Recording the patients’ details in sync with Medical Information System and diagnosing the health symptoms
    • Video calling with the medical experts
    • Locating the nearest hospital from the geo location based on the medical issue
  • Symptoms Predication
    • The feature by which the patient can add or select the symptoms and the app will display the predication of the health. The disease assumption is displayed in the percentage format.
  • Geo Health
    • The patient can search for the doctor or disease specialist or clinic/hospital and book an appointment.
    • The reminder of the appointment is notified prior 1 hour.


Fully integrated system strengthened the productivity and synchronized the complete healthcare information right from patient information to diagnosis and past health records. The system improvised the decision-making strategies. Smart health predictions and past health records accelerated the client's vision for the healthy community.

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