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High School Digital Diary


With an intention to transform the student Diary-Planner for schools, client wished to develop a richly formatted on-line diary for secondary schools. The online school digital diary is the feature-rich diary for use by administrators, teachers, students and parents that will serve to improve communications, planning and assist the school in its mission.

The prime challenges fulfilled by online school digital diary are:

  • Assisting schools to accomplish the difficult task of disseminating important information to students and their parents
  • Ensuring secure login to students, parents and teachers for viewing their diaries and daily activities
  • Facilitates message notification system to improve communication between users
  • Environment friendly with reduced use of paper
  • Easily accessible by anyone from any part of the world at any time


  • Database

    Microsoft SQL Server

  • External Tools or Components

    Telerik Controls

  • Technology

    Microsoft ASP.Net, C#, jQuery, JavaScript, WCF


With the ease of accessing from computers, smartphones and tablets, TatvaSoft offered a cloud-based web application for easy interaction with students, parents, teachers and school administration.

In order to satisfy each role to its perfect fit, Online School Digital Diary is tailored with below features:

  • A calendar functionality featuring class times, extra-curricular activities, special meetings (exams, detentions, assemblies, parent teacher interviews etc.), student initiated appointments (study time, external activities, personal appointments).
  • Reminders for homework, assignment due dates, permission notes etc. set by parents, teachers or students.
  • Messaging feature where teacher and parent can do one-to one conversations and teacher and students can indulge in one to many conversations.
  • A content management system displaying school information, help guides, resources, personal note section for recording miscellaneous information
  • Help pages for all the users to understand the system.
  • Administrative feature includes school account management, user account/groups management, calendar management, adding advertising objects to advertising list, managing school information, CMS management, global school settings.
  • Synchronization with database (MS Access and SQL Server) for data import. Synchronized tasks can even be scheduled on a monthly, weekly, daily basis, thus keeping the database fresh, clean and upgraded as per needs.
  • Multiple themes to support look and feel of the application.


As an example of compact effectiveness of technology, "High School Digital Diary" has offered multitude of benefits some of which are:

  • Reducing risks of keeping a paper diary for any physical damage V/s digital diary that can never be lost
  • Ability to work with or without internet connection whilst in transit to and from school
  • Instant messages facility that ensure never missing an important announcement
  • Facilitates to stay in touch with child's progress with detailed reporting
  • Get notified of upcoming school events, plan ahead and never miss attending any important events

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