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Fashion Marketplace


Client wanted to provide a platform for sellers to showcase their products so that buyers from all around the world can select the desired product as per their convenience. The main challenge faced was to manage the products from various sellers on the same platform.

Fashion Marketplace has a wide range of goal and objectives out of which the prime considerations are listed below:

  • Products of different brands need to be amalgamated at one place
  • Payment gateways for the users to pay online
  • Integration with social media such as Facebook, Twitter
  • One step checkout to help customers to checkout using a single step. During checkout display vendor wise list of products purchased by the customer.
  • Multilanguage support
  • Vendors from around the globe will display their products and hence get more buyers for their products.


  • Sever OS


  • Web Server


  • Programming Language


  • Database


  • Scripting Language

    AJAX, JavaScript and jQuery


TatvaSoft Australia PHP developers tailored an e-commerce web applicatione-commerce web application "Fashion Marketplace" which is easily accessible from computers.

It offered following features which include:

  • Homepage shows all the latest products available in various categories.
  • Option to sign in as a seller or buyer in the website.
  • Proper classification of products into categories and subcategories increase accessibility of the products.
  • Detailed specification of a product with its price and special offers if available.
  • Vendors can set special prices for the specific duration on the product such as "Today's Deals" and "Current Deals".
  • User can filter the items based on brands.
  • Interactive 360-degree image which allows shoppers to interact with the product image and view it from all sides.
  • Registered buyers can rate and give feedback to the purchased products.
  • Buyers can select the product to add to wish list and cart.
  • Facility to pay online securely through PayPal or credit card.
  • Stock management enables vendors easy management of products, tracking and monitoring and tracking of products stock records.
  • Vendors can define their own shipping rates for each product and as per shipping country.
  • Offers basic features of the website such as Homepage banner, integration with social media (Facebook Like, Twitter Tweets), newsletter subscription, catalogue browsing, etc.
  • Administrator can do basic activities with ease such as content management, vendor and other user management, product approval, etc.
  • Admin can have various reports such as sales, maximum selling product, etc. help to take strategic decisions.


Client gained popularity from this website due to various features of the e-commerce platform such as catalogue browsing, providing delivery details to the customers, manage the different stocks, daily deals module etc. Buyer's around the world can conveniently purchase, efficiently shop and compare from a host of vendors at the best prices. Also, sellers get a global platform to sell and promote their products.

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