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Online Electronics Application


The Client currently provides best e-commerce services in UK. They required to create an effective e-commerce solution for their potential end users so that they can share, browse and purchase relevant products from the market.

In order to get full advantage of the current business system and expand the various operations related to the marketing of their products, the client decided to develop a Java-based application that helps them to maintain technical and business benefits of the E-commerce services, latest offers, updates, etc. in effective and efficient manner.

Our client approached TatvaSoft with an approach to get the complete solution, with their existing source code access for developing an e-commerce application. The proposed solution has a wide range of goal and objectives.

Some of the major challenges faced at the time of developing the solution are listed below:

  • To enhance the client's existing source code and develop the entire expected application
  • To manage the implementation of the Signable API's in the Application
  • To manage the order details reading in the XML files which are transferred via EDI to the supplier's, the details are again fetched into the XML files at the suppliers side and vice versa
  • Implementation of the functionality for managing dynamic price curve graph which can have variation in the curves on basis of changes in order
  • To implement the cashback maintainability for the different price ranges in the price curve for respective vendors.


  • Database


  • Server

    Apache Tomcat

  • Third Party AP

    Signable API (for online contract signing), World Pay (payment API), Text Magic (SMS API), Send Grid Mail API

  • Tools & Technologies

    Java, JEE, Spring Boot, Spring Security, AngularJS, NodeJS, Google reCAPTCHA, EDI


TatvaSoft enhanced the client existing work and proposed the complete solution.

TatvaSoft proposed Business-to-business platform containing other different core features as follows:

  • Registration for the end- users, along with the approval from the admin.
  • The solution facilitates Signable API's, for signing a different contract for the end - users for different vendors
  • Managing different credit given by different vendors for different offers and price range. The end-users can use this credit for the payment transaction.
  • Manage the visualization of Price Curve graph indication for reviewing and analyzing the price variation based on different price offers.
  • It facilitates the advantage to the users through Price Curve to review the price range for specific
  • Products for different quantity counts of the products.
  • Roles-based security access
  • E-mail notification to end user with any relevant dispatch details


Client has gained significant benefits from the business-to-business platform developed by TatvaSoft. The solution provided transparency in the e-commerce market for both the seller and buyer, in context to different details related to the purchased product like affected price, complete details, etc.

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