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City Living


City Living is a real estate web application created for a Cyprus based client. This web application contains nation wide property listing in Cyprus. It also offers services such as property rentals, property repairs, property maintenance, property sales and strata management.

Most of the real estate sector in Cyprus has not used technology as a tool to empower its service offerings. As the majority of the operations are conducted manually problems are faced by the sellers while looking for real estate agents to sell their property at the best price. Similarly, the buyers have to go through the papers and have to call each owner/agent having the property in the locality and the price range they require.

To take care of this challenge, we thought of building a web based system that will automate the entire process of buying and selling properties. Herein we match the specifications of the seller with the requirements of the buyer.

The Client wanted a website that enables administrators to upload residential and commercial units on the website including, floor plans, local maps and amenities.

Key challenges were

  • Web application should be generic and easy to use for buyers and sellers of the property
  • Real estate agents should be able to manage their listing easily
  • Can enable other real estate dealers to use the data in XML/SOAP format to publish information on their website.


  • Server

    Microsoft Windows Server

  • Database

    Microsoft SQL Server

  • Third party components/applications:

    Visual Studio

  • Web Server


  • Programming Language:

    ASP.Net, C#


We created a web based application with the following:

  • Rental and Share Accommodations
    • Listing rental properties and rental wizard
    • Searching the rental properties
    • Rental application form and rental
  • Logging and statistics
    • Website logging and statistics
    • Property/Business logs and statistics
  • User Controls
    • The search results display
    • The full property display
    • Suburbs
    • Contract maintenance
  • Take Private listing online
    • All types of the listing of property/business
    • Photos and floor plan
    • Photos and floor plan
    • Virtual tour
    • Open for inspection
    • Billing details
  • Administration section
    • To add/delete and maintain each every module's features, as well as users.
  • Agency's admin section
    • Agency's control panel to maintain vendors, advertising, properties, account etc.
  • Vendor login and Member login
  • XML upload service
  • Sign up new agencies online


  • Automates selling process with tools to manage real estate listings and prospects easily and efficiently.
  • Saves time by enabling agents and brokers to update listings on their own.
  • Speeds up the sales process with comparison shopping and instant notification of listing to interested prospects.

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