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Digital Distribution Platform


Based in USA, client is a leading self-served Film Distribution company. Their singular focus on developing value-oriented solutions was to allow the Filmmakers to distribute their film and even sell and rent them to their customers. The distribution services support various platforms like Netflix, Google Play Store, Amazon, iTunes and much more.

The client desired to streamline the workflow of their existing system. They faced challenges in acquiring their filmmaker's order details by obeying a traditional method which isn't simple always. The filmmakers faced the challenge in uploading 100 GB of media files and required to follow the repetitive process after getting a connection error or termination of a running process. Also, the process was manual, so the client was willing to make the faster and automated web-based solution.

Key challenges of the project were:

  • A single, streamlined Order Processing System for digital media distribution
  • System support all major media and assets format
  • Manage title and additional movie-related data and asset requirements dynamically based on various platforms and territories
  • To check the media files and to verify that it satisfies the requirements
  • System that allows uploading of media assets having 100GB size
  • A centralized financial model to view sales and other financial information from different platforms
  • Searching/aggregating large volume of records for generating dashboard data


  • Database

    Microsoft SQL Server, Elastic Search

  • Third Party Tools & API

    Bonita, AWS S3, Reach Engine, PING, RabbitMQ

  • Web Server

    Amazon Web Server, SQL, BizTalk Orchestration

  • Tools & Technologies

    MVC, AngularJS, ProtectorJS, Microsoft BizTalk Server, Visual Studio, VS Code


TatvaSoft developed a web portal that has streamlined the method of filmmaker's film distribution across different platforms and territories. It allows managing films titles, assets, services, sites and orders. All major platforms are supported, including iTunes, Netflix, Google Play store and others. TatvaSoft offered a streamlined web portal to collect filmmakers huge data easily and also serve them with prompt support. It also uses BizTalk server to read financial data provided through various channels like FTP transfer and Email and dump those raw data in the database. The application also has web crawlers to fetch data from various websites and dump those in a database.

It offered following features which include:

  • Security: The Security identify users of various Portal applications and their roles so that they can be presented with appropriate data visibility and capabilities.
  • Asset Acquisition: The Asset acquisition modules deals with how media is brought into a platform, identified against customer metadata, and qualified as a deliverable asset.
  • Mastering and Finalization: This module is responsible for both - it must engage both computers and humans to review media content for issues and log problems found, route tasks to mastering to resolve issues if possible, and route Source Request tasks if the source cannot be corrected.
  • Preservation: Long-term preservation gives platform an ever-growing library of content with which to fulfil customer needs.
  • Title Metadata Curation: The Title Metadata Curation module is responsible for the maintenance of platform title metadata. Title metadata is often just as imperative for order fulfilment as media and platform strive to maintain the largest, most accurate title database in the world. Elastic search used to handle a large volume of data which required to query.
  • Order Fulfilment: The Order Fulfilment module is for the creation and management of these orders, determining prerequisite work in order to fulfil an order, starting other processes to complete those prerequisites, starting and monitoring the actual delivery process, and handling issues as they arise.
  • Source Spec Management: Source Spec Management gives the platform a crucial link between assets, orders, and service requirements.
  • Resource Management This module helps in order to keep their operations running at a high level, prioritize backlogs to meet immediate demands, and proactively address issues.
  • Dashboard: Financial dashboard provides a transparent view of revenue from different distribution retailers.


TatvaSoft crafted a scalable web portal that provides smooth order processing of digital content in less time with effective customer support. Also, it increased client's operational efficiency, expanded volume and enhanced business outreach. Client procures other perks like automated and emphasized process management, quick and graceful changes adaptability, can upload files of large size, multilingual support and complete control of distribution strategy.

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