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Digital Signage Management System


Our client based in Texas, U.S.A. wanted to develop a Web Application to centrally manage a network of widely distributed Digital Signage Systems. The client wanted an application which can enable the signage to display digital media dynamically at a scheduled time on the LED screens. The Client's concept behind developing this application was to create and play various advertisements and messages on signage form remote place, an innovation in Media & Entertainment industry.

Key challenges of the project were:

  • Communication between the web application and the player software
  • Display size fit smaller display like 64x64
  • To pull content, display content and send the log to control system


  • Tools & Technologies

    C#, .NET, JavaScript

  • Database

    Microsoft SQL Server

  • Server Operating System

    Windows Platform

  • Web Server

    Windows Server


TatvaSoft provided a solution that was extremely useful and was intended to manage various advertisements through digital signage system with features listed below:

  • Playlists Support: Digital Signage supports the creation and management of playlists which sets the sequence of content to be displayed by a particular digital media player. Also, there is a provision to get complete information about the playlists.
  • Scheduling Playback: Facilitates for creating playlists and scheduling any playlist to start and stop by the time period of the particular predefined dates. These scheduling options make real world, everyday programming easy
  • Media Types Support: Supports a broad range of media types and manage media files including text, images, animations, video, and audio in the playlist. Also, there is a provision to check the current status of the communication
  • Developing Content: Provision to develop content by creating the design on canvas with specification including width and height along with other facilities like crop, rotate, flip, gray scale and adding a text
  • Billing Information: Provision to maintain billing information which is operable to process payment associated with displaying content
  • Manage User Profile: Allow the user to create, modify and manage user account
  • Signage Status and schedule logs: Facility for managing different signage status and collecting detailed logs information about scheduling signage
  • Generate Reports: Facility to generate reports for "Usage and Billing" of specific signage for a particular duration defined in dates
  • Manage Signage: Provision to manage signage details by the administrator that includes managing IP address, resolution and setting different modes etc.
  • Manage Media File formats: Facility to manage different media file formats and file size by administrator
  • Deploying Content: Provision to allow the user for the delivery and deployment of real-time content which is driven by location, demographics and promotions


From content creation to management and execution, this 360 signage software does it all. The client derived business benefits by virtue of its associations with TatvaSoft that include growth in customer base, Increase sales with enhanced point-of-sale promotions, reduction in printing and logistic cost up to 50% with the adoption of electronic media, Better control of marketing and advertising plans as the client was able to control the display screens in real time, enhance and effective communication that provides vibrant, media-rich message directed to the right audience by right time and at right place.

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