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Store Front Manager


Based in USA, the client is a leading self-serve Film Distribution company. Their singular focus on developing value-oriented solutions is to allow the Filmmakers to distribute their film. Also, the client was concern about sell and rent of film to their customers. The distribution services support various platforms like Netflix, Google Play Store, Amazon, iTunes and much more.

The client desired a solution that works as a base for the content owner to rapidly promote their media properties in more effective and efficient manner. The challenges faced in developing the solution are as mentioned below:

Key challenges of the project were:

  • To manage all the Dynamic title and other movie related data requirements on various platforms and territories.
  • To maintain and manage the dynamically data for season availability, price, selected metadata across multiple retailers, territories and titles within a single click.
  • Integration with the Facebook, to create the advertisement campaign for the different platform likes iTunes, Microsoft and Google Play store.
  • Maintaining any update on the price, availability or territories by different studios.
  • Implementation of different filtration and sorting criteria.
  • To allow the multiple platform updates by single excel template.
  • Managing the functionalities like price, rating, availability and much more.


  • Database

    Microsoft SQL Server, Elastic Search, AWS RDS Services

  • Tools & Technologies

    MVC, AngularJS, Bamboo (Continuous Integration), Visual Studio

  • Web Server

    Microsoft Windows Server

  • Third Party Tools & API

    AWS S3, AWS Messaging Service, AWS Cloud Watch, AWS Code Deploy, PING, Facebook APIs


TatvaSoft developed a web portal that has streamlined the process of filmmaker's film distribution across different platforms and territories. It allows maintaining its titles, assets, services, sites and orders. All major platforms are supported, including iTunes, Netflix, Google Play store and others. Storefront Manager consists of three modules that will allow content owners to search, update, and market their media properties in a more efficient and comprehensive manner than ever before.

  • Search: It allows a user to search their library of content across all tracked retailers. With the search module, users will generate reports about their content that will be displayed in a dashboard and can be exported or sent to other modules to be actioned.
  • Value Ad: It gives a user searchable and filterable functionality in real-time real-world view into their available library. It helps users to easily identify custom broad or specific groupings of content.
  • Updates: Users can update film and television season availability, pricing, and selected metadata across multiple retailers, territories, and titles with just a few clicks. All updates are delivered directly to the retailers.
  • Marketing: System allows a user to easily create Facebook ad campaigns for any film or TV season on iTunes, Google Play, or Microsoft. Localized campaigns are programmatically created for every title/ interest/ territory/ language combination that exists or for the one that user specifies. All campaigns are dynamically linked to their specific title availability and can automatically pause or update themselves.
  • Additional Pages
    • Sales Admin Pages: A page where the sales team can choose a Provider, choose a content type for that provider, choose payment terms, search etc.
    • Billing Pages: List of previously billed amounts. Also, it is seen whether they are pending or paid. Along with this, it shows the upcoming invoice amount and its payment due date.


TatvaSoft has developed a web portal that will allow content owners to search, update and market their media properties in a more efficient and comprehensive manner. Client gains many benefits through this solution like managing all the platform, in a single back-end, Insertion of multiple clients on single click, on basis of the template the library can easily be updated, provides the roadmap to add new releases etc. It also provides the facility to user for the retail price as well as price tier. TatvaSoft has endeavoured solution that can help in the effective growth of client's business.

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