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Social Networking Website


Customer required us to develop a web social networking website. The application was developed for creating a global network of local communities. Herein people from different cultures come together and organize different cultural events. These events celebrate cultural diversity and invite you to discover and experience ethnic foods, wines, art, music, languages and most important company of diverse people from around the world that live in your own community.

The motive behind developing the social networking website was to bridge the gap between people, nations and culture.

Key challenges of the project were

  • High volume customization in Drupal module
  • Chat software needs improvements in the performance in terms of speed and consistency
  • Multi-language support


  • Server

    Windows Server

  • Web Server


  • Programming Language

    PHP (Drupal)

  • Database


  • Scripting Language



Social Networking core features:

  • Profile Management:
    • Mailbox
    • My Friends
    • Match preference
    • Birthday and events management
  • Travel guide
    • Information of various destinations across the world
    • Schedule travel
    • Book hotels, flights and cars with search functionality
    • Travel Mates
    • Currency exchange tool
  • Find and meet members
  • Find and join various fun groups
  • Create, host and manage events
  • User-friendly chat room
  • Blogs and forums
  • Share articles, photos, videos and reviews


The social networking website met all social networking needs of end users. The website covered common social networking features as well as includes features like travel planning, highly efficient internal chat application and multilingual support.

The web social networking site helped client achieve motive of bridging the gap between diverse communities.

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