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Electronic Health Record Management


Our USA based client required an EMR management solution for primary care physician offices, nursing homes and long-term acute care centres. They needed a user-friendly web-based application which can provide a platform for sharing and accessing updated and accurate patients' information among their member health care centres. So that, the Medical staff can keep more focus on patient care and increase productivity.

Key challenges were:

  • Development of signature pad for digital signature
  • Integration of third party Infragistics controls


  • Operating System:

    iOS, Android

  • Database:


  • Server:

    Windows with Apache

  • Device Support:

    iPhone and Android Mobiles

  • Tools & Technologies:

    PhoneGap, HTML5, JavaScript, PHP


TatvaSoft developed a web application, known as EMR Management System based on Microsoft Silverlight platform having following core features:

  • Record and manage patients' details. It includes patients' demographic, medical, history and physical information.
  • The medical profile of patients manages medications, allergies, past medical reports and past surgical reports
  • Scan and saves documents as a part of patients' profile
  • Keep track of medical tests and annual examination of patients
  • Scan and save medical reports as a part of patients' medical profile
  • Record, approve and print progress notes with an option to sign notes digitally
  • Alerts for incomplete assessments and pending documents
  • Alert medical staff about Drug-Drug interactions, Drug-Allergy interactions, Drug-Condition interactions
  • Communication facilities like email and chat services enable communication with multiple locations
  • Prints billing reports for any provider, including important insurance information such as account number, list of all ICD9 codes and charges for any given day
  • Create and print reports like location list, daily notes, provider performance by location and patient list
  • Send prescriptions electronically to pharmacies so providers can qualify for CMS incentives
  • Facility of Newsletter service
  • Information integrity and confidentiality maintained through authentication and authorization policies from Administration module


  • Patients' records now can be handled more efficiently, accurately and error-free. It reduces operational cost and saves efforts, time and money.
  • Sharing of Patients' records among multiple authorized clinic or provider assists for accurate diagnosis and reduces risk factor for diagnosis management.
  • EMR system has reduced paper work and enabled the medical staff to spend more time for patient's care rather than on file & record management. Hence, enhancing the productivity of the medical staff.
  • EMR Management application has not only improved the overall quality of medical service of our client but also improved the reputation of the clinic or provider and increased revenue.

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