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Corporate Message Processing


Client is based in United Kingdom wanted to develop a corporate action Message Translation System which reads a messaging file like ISO 15022, parse and processes it, make adjustments to the messages that make up that file by applying a set of user-defined rules and send the messaging file to its intended source.

TatvaSoft has emerged with a seamless solution BizTalk Application which is used as Corporate Action Message Translation System. It is based on the SWIFT's Corporate Action Solution combines with ISO 15022 messaging standards and SWIFT connectivity to enable the standardization and automation of corporate action communication.

Corporate Message Processing financial application has a wide range of goals and objectives out of which the prime considerations are listed below:

  • Intended to enhance system capabilities to mitigate the risk of processing complex corporate action messages, reducing associated cost at the same time
  • Providing standardization and automation of corporate actions messages through SWIFT connectivity and ISO 15022 messaging standards
  • Minimizing unformatted and optional information to better support straight through processing using SWIFT ISO 15022
  • Enabling message linking and streamlines message processing for both the sender and the receiver
  • Offering robust store-and-forward messaging services to exchange structured messages


  • System Architecture

    BizTalk Server

  • Database

    Microsoft SQL Server

  • Server

    Window Server

  • Development Tool

    Microsoft Visual Studio

  • Tools & Technologies

    Microsoft Silverlight, Microsoft C#.Net, Microsoft .NET Framework


TatvaSoft has provided an integrated business application that was extremely useful and was intended to manage the corporate action messages with the features listed below:

    • File Format Support: It provides support to multi-file formats that include ISO15022 MT564 and MT568 used for complex instruction details relating to a corporate action event.
    • Facilitates Interoperability: Provision to move different types of data files and connecting to divergent systems with business process management.
    • Managing Business Rules:Provision of creating the business rule and policies to define and describe business operations, definitions and constraints by text with the intelligent business rule editor.
    • Message Transformation: It provides message transformation using XSLT and provides XML schema validation.
    • Authorizing User Action: Facilitating custom components for message parsing and prompting related "Alert" to the user. Also provides message reconciliation for the failed message.
    • Message Transformation: Provision of authorizing every action performed by the user based on the access level and pops up an alert on error occurrence.
    • Audit Logs:Each user action gets captured into user action audit trail logs.


The Client drew immense benefits from TatvaSoft's end-to-end services. It helped the client realize its business goals and implement the newly identified features and functionality. The client derived business benefits by virtue of its associations with TatvaSoft that include acquiring global standard for corporate action messaging, facilitating comprehensive coverage to different event types that encompasses dividend & interest management, bond redemption, exercise of warrants, merging, bonus and other mandatory & voluntary events, greatly helps to improve the corporate action message timelines, significant reduction in operating cost and mollified concerned risks.

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