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Enterprise Resource Planning System


The client develops, serves and promotes business management software. He constantly thrives to improve the efficiency and business profitability in the Middle East by providing high-quality ERP solutions and accounting packages. The existing system of the client is a desktop application which was not meeting users' demands such as the ability to work anywhere and anytime, integrated business units and consolidated view of information scattered over different departments.

Key challenges of the project were:

  • A SaaS based integrated business solution for single or multi-branch organisation.
  • A solution that streamlines all the process across various departments in an organisation.
  • Consolidation of reports to merge a number of branches and warehouse.
  • Dynamic report builder with robust SQL query builder that allows the user to design and generate the report on the fly.
  • Approval process which lets the user know the status of each file and notify the users in case of any pending approvals.
  • The ERP system which supports multi-branch and multi-level user authentication and authorisation.


  • Database:

    Microsoft SQL Server

  • Server:

    Windows Server

  • Reporting Tools:

    SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Service)

  • Technology:

    Microsoft ASP.Net, C#, Telerik Controls


TatvaSoft provided a customized ERP solution that was extremely useful with the following modules:

  • Multi-branch and multi warehouse support: Support of consolidation process for fetching data from multiple branch databases and display in the single report means the user can see multiple companies' data in the single report.
  • Account: This module provides flexibility to manage account related activities such as chart account, account category, budget and balance, Journal voucher, receipt voucher, payment voucher, credit note voucher, debit note voucher, currency exchange voucher, budget voucher, opening entry voucher and its related reports.
  • Bank: Chart account, account category, budget and balance, Journal voucher, receipt voucher, payment voucher, credit note voucher, debit note voucher, currency exchange voucher, budget voucher, opening entry voucher and its related reports can be accessed from this module. Additionally, bank reconciliation process is available for reconciliations of end-of-the-day bank accounts & statements and thus determine data discrepancies very efficiently.
  • Inventory: Robust inventory module that will support matrix, assembled, and expiry item. This module's functionality is managing item information, print barcode for an item, Opening stock, warehouse detail, Item pricing, stock management, stock adjustments and inventory related reports. This module benefits are managing items properly which use in sales and purchase module.
  • Purchase: This module facilitates management of vendor, purchase quotation, purchase order, purchase invoice, purchase return, generating item costing, letter of credit and its related reports. These module benefits are managing vendor, purchase an item from a vendor and return purchase item to the vender. It also affects inventory item stock, banks and accounts.
  • Sales: This module functionality is for managing customer, sales quotation, sales order, sales invoice, sales return, the point of sales and its related reports.
  • Sales and Return item could be managed from this module. This module also integrates with inventory, banks and accounts for updating relevant module data.
  • Asset: This module is used for managing company assets and properties and its related reports. It also affects banks and accounting module.
  • POS: Point of Sale module is available for selling an item from the warehouse. This module updates inventory item and generates an appropriate voucher.
  • CRM: Standard CRM module is provided for managing customer and sales interaction. This module is used for managing prospects/ leads and prospect/ lead activities, and managing campaigns. This module also allows managing tickets for solving customers' issues.
  • Facilitates rich functional modules for specific accounting features that include maintaining details on bank transfers, bank portfolios, bank notices and adjustments, letter of guarantees etc.


The client derived following business benefits by virtue of its associations with TatvaSoft:

  • It has emerged as one of the largest selling ERP system across Middle East
  • The system has centralized and streamlined all the processes across various departments of an organization
  • Improved information visibilities across various business units
  • Better financial reports due to integration with each business units
  • Shorten operational time and improved customer service

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