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Loan Information


Client is based in United States. He wanted to give a platform which will help his user or small business to get some amount of loan according to their personal profile. By this platform getting the loan would become an easy process for the customer.

"Loan Information Application" has a wide range of goal and objectives out of which the prime considerations are listed below:

  • Generic profile management through the verification process
  • Touch ID password support system to manage session
  • Attractive user experienced design system integration
  • Enhanced dashboard with features
  • To provide external support by the client to its user
  • Managing the confidential data and show it to the right person
  • Updating the detail on a daily basis so the user can reach to appropriate detail
  • Giving a support call system for queries and inquiries user have


  • Operating System:

    iOS, Android

  • Device Support:

    iPhone, Android Phone

  • Tools & Technologies:

    Swift, Java and Xcode, Android Studio


Mobile Application offers wide range of facilities to the customers of the client. Industries like finance will be helped and the process of getting a loan and maintaining its installation will be easy. Client and customer will able to save the time on this platform rather visit the place and meeting. The customer can see their loans with installation amount and the rate of interest on which they pay the installation. The platform will give better maintenance to save the transaction history. Loan accessibility will become an easy application.

  • User's account security management
  • Touch ID password support to the customer to access the account by signing up through fingerprint identity.
  • To manage user's password, there is forget password facility.
  • Complete calculation of a number of loans you have and the installation you are supposed to pay with the rate of interest.
  • To pay full amount of loan, there is an option of Pay Off.
  • To increase the amount of loan, loan increment is there.
  • Each and every transaction detail with its time, date and the amount that is involved.


This app is helpful to the user who has the loan and the client who has given the loan. It keeps track of the amount of loan, borrower details. It also keeps the information of installment that is supposed to be paid on the particular interest rate. The platform will boost the performance of company and loan borrower will be increased.

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