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Meditators Community


"Meditator's Community" has a wide range of goal and objectives out of which the prime considerations are listed below:

  • Decent UI and user-convenient system flow
  • Real-time sitting stats
  • Easy mode to get started with a slot and to get alerted for the end of the slot
  • Establish goal and track the finished slots
  • An interface to track the meditators log and activities on the app
  • Easily accessible by anyone from any part of the world and at any time


  • Server


  • Database


  • Programming Language

    Ruby on Rails - Backend, Webservices, Swift - iOS mobile app


TatvaSoft developed a web application "Meditator's Community" for the above purpose. It offered following features which include:

  • Meditators to register for the application with filling form or via Facebook sign up
  • Sit for meditation by choosing either current slot or next slot. Current slot will take user to ongoing time slot. While next slot will make users to wait until the next slot starts
  • Invite friends for meditation slot from the registered app users or through mail for unregistered users.
  • View ongoing users profile who have started sit and their experience after the completion of sit
  • Start slot by choosing time frame and meditation audio. User can otherwise choose silent option. User in-between can finish the sit.
  • Enroll for courses by checking the course details and teacher info. Afterwards user will get an option to choose course chapter while starting the sit.
  • After finished the sit successfully, add sit experience that will be presented to other meditators as well.
  • After completion of course, user can like the course, suggest the course to other friend to enroll into.
  • Follow other meditators, view their experiences
  • See all sit stream in my profile e.g. yesterday am - 30 min, 3 days ago - 1 hour, 2 week ago - 60 min
  • Set goal to stay motivated and once its set up, system reminds meditator daily.
  • Administrative interface to manage and track the meditators activity & log. Add and modify courses and course content. Track enrolled users for the course.
  • Based on different status concerning the sit, admin to track the list and details of the users in specific state. View registered users and their details.
  • Reports of the new registration, sits per day, active user.


Client received healthy, encouraging and positive response from the users of all around the world. With joining to this community, meditators are getting the more precise practice along with health related, mental and spatial benefits. It helps to develop awareness and compassion, giving rise to greater peace and happiness in the world.

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