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Online Pharmacy Platform


“Online Pharmacy Platform” has a wide range of goal and objectives out of which the prime considerations are listed below:

  • Secure user authentication functionality by TrueValt
  • Smart and quick prescription drug search.
  • User should add/save required prescription drug to their account for future use.
  • Search pharmacy for the added prescription drugs with price and locations.
  • User should be able to select nearby pharmacy and place order of their cart items.
  • Gentle reminder to users as the drug expiry comes nearby.
  • Order tracking with real-time push alerts.
  • Build and manage the dedicated interface of pharmacists to manage orders.
  • Powerful Reporting and analytics for data-driven decision making.


  • Server

    AWS Server

  • Database


  • Development Platform

    Mobile app – React Native, Web app – ReactJS, GraphQL

  • Third Party Tool

    TrueVault – For authorized users 7 pharmacists, AmazonPay & Stripe – Payment gateway


The following is our approach to the challenges. Tatvasoft, built Online Pharmacy Platform with following features present inside:

Front user (App and web console)

  • Login and Sign up.
  • Quickly find medicines by name and use auto suggest and filters.
  • Filter/search medicine or by the contents of the medicine.
  • Make it convenient for customers to find their nearby pharmacy stores.
  • Get complete drug information before placing an order and confirming the same..
  • Easily and swiftly re-order using order history without having to re-upload prescription.
  • Track orders and have alerts to keep the user informed about the order status.
  • Different Payment options (Stripe/AmazonPay) with promo codes to save money.
  • Push Notification when drug expiry comes nearby.
  • Manage profiles, addresses, dependents details, insurance details, payment details, and notification settings for a better experience.
  • Use in-app FAQs, help tutorials and contact us to resolve any issues.

Pharmacy (Web console)

  • Subscribe and register.
  • Pharmacist will get an easy to use web console for managing orders.
  • Pharmacists are alerted about any new orders via email and web notifications.
  • Manage order requests received for the medicines.
  • Review uploaded digitize prescription (eRxcards).

Back-office (Web console)

  • User Authentication by GraphQL and TrueVault.
  • Manage pharmacists’ network to review orders.
  • Integrate with 3rd Party database and get expiry and stock notifications.
  • View all orders in one place, track their status and fulfillment details.
  • View payment and Manage discount offers.
  • Manage content: About us, FAQs, T&C and other app screens.
  • Generate various reports and analytics.


TatvaSoft developed a solution for the client that helps the user to place an order for the medicines from the pharmacies. The user would be able to view the nearby pharmacy stores on a Google map and can also sort the pharmacies by name. The system maintains a record for prescriptions of the previously ordered medicines and allows users to re-order them manually or automatically.

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