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Online Mentoring


Client is based in US and New Zealand and is actively involved in various mentoring programs worldwide. Client approached TatvaSoft with the same noble cause of giving mentoring programs to the students online. Client had requirement where application should provide one to one mentorship programs as well as should provide mentorship to the group of students online.

Key challenges behind developing this portal were:

  • Provide online mentoring programs to professionals and students.
  • Motivate students with better education and choose career choices that will nurture the life of students
  • Link people one-on-one with professionals to inspire and enable higher levels of achievement.
  • Provide a platform to the mentors with the additional resources required to guide the student in a better way
  • Message notification system to improve communication among the mentors


  • Database


  • Server


  • Tools & Technologies

    PHP, Magento


TatvaSoft developed a cloud based web application "Online Mentoring" which is easily accessible from computers.

It offered following features which include:

  • Help pages and playing videos for all the users to understand the system.
  • Assignments of the goal set to each and every mentor and details of the progress of the programs.
  • One-on-one mentoring to the students as well as mentoring to the group of students.
  • A content management system displaying information of the different programs, its methodology, different project details, etc.
  • RSS Feed and Twitter followers to know the following of the people for this website.
  • Articles and newsletter to encourage the students and the mentors.
  • Messaging feature between mentors and the students.
  • Management of the forums and the project resources.
  • Dynamic algorithm for the allocation of the mentors to the mentees.
  • Video chat and record message option between mentors and students
  • Dynamic Field creation in the registration form of the teachers, mentors, mentees, and students.
  • Administrative feature to manage the multiple schools and organizations at the same time.
  • Administrative feature to post announcements, edit information about the mentors, mentees, conducting surveys, adding project resources so it is helpful to the mentors and students, assigning mentors and mentees according to the skills they possess, adding tips and suggestions, etc.
  • Access rights and role Management for the Users (teachers, mentors, mentees).


The online mentoring website encouraged the students, professionals, teachers to improve their skills. The client was approached by the various organizations because of this website and also was able to grow its network around the various parts of the world. The website as a great boost for the individuals and the professionals to identify their hidden talent and share their knowledge with the people around the world.

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