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Online Job Portal


The new website functions described below (Self-Service Recruiting) will determine how client would be able to tap into this segment of the market, without affecting their current clientele, by offering a solution that will do the following:

  • Solution will save client the cost of (themselves) advertising on job boards.
  • Saves the wasted time and effort of filtering through inappropriate applicants. This was the biggest single surveyed complaint about job boards.
  • Cost a much smaller percentage of the candidate’s annual compensation package, compared to client’s full service offering. Prices will be adjustable in the admin panel.
  • Continue client’s current hiring procedures unchanged, but to use the new website to enhance certain aspects of these existing procedures. This will increase the value of these services to our existing clients and therefore increase the revenue from this market segment.
  • Create a whole new set of processes (Self-Service Recruiting) that will enable the next level of market to use website to fill their recruitment needs, but at a greatly reduced cost in comparison to the full recruitment service we offer. And with much better value than they currently get from simply job boards and other “cheap” methods of recruiting.
  • Upsell Self-Service Recruiting clients. These clients can search the database and request info on candidates who haven’t applied directly to their ad; our client can then call them and offer the full service recruiting.


  • Architecture


  • Server

    Windows Server

  • Database

    Microsoft SQL Server

  • Third Party Tool

    Mail enable server, Aspose .PDF, Aspose .Net, SMS services

  • Tools & Technologies

    C#, ASP.NET, MVC, WCF, Entity Framework, Google maps, Google Charts


TatvaSoft designed and developed a web based solution named “Online Job Portal” that manages candidate and hiring manager details.

Following are the important features of Job Portal:

  • Registration – Hiring managers and candidates can register and gain access to the more valuable areas of the website.
  • Find a Candidate / Job – A more detailed search page for searching the candidate/jobs database along with a list of benefits of registering as a hiring manager/candidate, with a prominent link to the registration page.
  • Candidate Tips / Employer Articles – A set of articles designed to help candidates in their search for a job. Certain articles that are relevant to new (unregistered) candidates will be highlighted for them to read first. A set of articles designed to help hiring managers in their search for candidates, including tips on how to retain them once hired.
  • Job Alerts – Candidates can create custom job alerts and based on job alert system will send related jobs in email based on frequency set by candidates.
  • Vacancy Management – Hiring manager can create multiple job vacancy which is searchable on public site so candidates can search for job based on their requirement and also apply for job.
  • Recommended Jobs & Candidates – System displays recommended jobs & candidates for logged in candidates & hiring managers based on all profiles created by users.
  • Cash and Training Awards – Candidate can share their profile on social media site like Twitter, Facebook and if any new candidate is registered from shared link at that time candidate who shared their profile get reward points and that can be used later on.
  • Online Job Application – Candidate can search for any jobs and apply for the same. During application process both Hiring Manager and Candidate need to follows the various steps and all steps are configurable and sequence is defined in admin portal.
  • Performance Optimizations – Database and query optimizations coupled with client side scripting are implemented to achieve performance benefits of the applications
  • Administrator Portal – Separate interface for the Administrator/Staff users to manage back-end data and to ensure all the required website configurations are kept as desired for smooth operation. Admin also have ability to manage – Website Users & Roles, Master Data Management, Job Vacancy and Promotional Campaigns.


The client drew immense benefits by virtue of its association with TatvaSoft. Extensive customization, endless scalability, workflow automation, KPI based dashboard, smart job alerts and recommendations features left customers highly satisfied. “Online Job Portal” helped client in effective management and maintenance of candidate profiles, job vacancies, candidate promos, job promos, better monitoring and control over the ongoing job application process.

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