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Security Surveillance System


Our South Africa based client is a well-known and one of the leading groups involved in providing a wide range of services ranging from soft services, hard services, and business services, security services, facility management services, fleet management services and youth development Centers. They also provide resource infrastructure services to various organizations.

Our client wanted to develop a Security Surveillance System which can monitor all the activities within the company location and take preventive measures from other unforeseen circumstances. Security surveillance system fulfils all security needs just on one Dashboard screen. The system behaviour is bound to the access permission of the person accessing the system.

  • One stop system which covers all the security related functionalities across the organization
  • Global view to manage and maintain all the operations/functionalities of the system
  • Proper rights to manage user and roles in order to provide them with the access to the system in a secured manner
  • Ability to plot devices logically into the system and set alerts and alarms for them
  • Ability to generate detailed logs and resolution procedure in order to track the solution
  • Ability to view live and recorded camera feeds from the system
  • Ability to load the 3D view of the sitemap in order to display devices plotted on the site
  • Ability to integrate with Intercom devices and call other intercom devices by logging onto the Intercom client from the system
  • Generate system wide reports throughout the system
  • Hardware study and integration (various cameras, card readers, video recorders, etc.) with the system
  • Network related issues


  • Database

    Microsoft SQL Server

  • Reporting Tool

    Microsoft Reporting

  • Architecture


  • Technologies

    Microsoft .Net Framework, WPF, Windows, WCF, TCP/IP and Socket Programming, Telerik Controls


TatvaSoft developed a desktop based e-Security Surveillance System that manages the overall access to the client site. It aims at plotting the devices logically while they are setup physically onto a particular location in the site. Once devices are logically plotted into the system, alarm settings pertaining to the failure of the device, detailed logs and resolution procedure in order to track the solution can be entered into the system. Administrator of the system can create users, enroll a user in a particular task, decide the guard tours and their timings, manage user designation, manage system settings and manage the video playback views.

Following are some of the core modules of the Security Surveillance System:

  • Dashboard
    • Alarms window, enable the user to view alarm and associated device details based on the priority; acknowledge alarm so that it is removed from the dashboard.
    • A Mimic Panel of premises at the center of the dashboard to provide details on sitemap locations and the devices plotted on those locations, whether they are Active/Inactive.
    • Device statistics enable the user to view the status of the devices in the system. It provides information on a number of devices installed, currently operating and failed devices.
    • Event viewer acts as an activity log which enables users to view information and transaction related events.
  • Video Wall
    • Enable users to create, select and delete pre-sets, thus helping to keep vigil on more than one area at the same time, option to view the recorded camera feed, export the recorded video and take the snapshot of the current view
  • Guard Tour
    • Guard tour enables the user to create, assign and delete guard tour to different person
    • Track if the user has followed a specific time of the tour or in between stoppages are as per allowed parameters
  • Plot device
    • User can create new devices into the system or modify their properties and assign specific controllers to the devices
    • Just drag and drop a specific device from the list to plot on the site
    • Robust TCP/IP and socket programming are done to keep the hardware and software elements in perfect synchronization at any moment of time. Each minute detail is tracked down for security purposes.


Comprehensive security solution, easy maintenance with dashboard and real-time updates from all locations. Empowers to have hawk-eye, plot devices and monitor with detailed logs. Active communication can be established by smooth integration with intercom devices. The solution has provided us with a flexible platform for both hardware and software devices.

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