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Jail Management System


Based in Alabama, the client is well-known as "go-to" guys for their cutting-edge physical security and jail management systems. In correction industries, they are the first to successfully pioneer touchscreen technology. They have roots right from a two-man operation to a multi-campus organization with an engineering department, marketing & sales department, project management group, field & service department, shop & warehouse department and criminal justice application division.

Client was willing to have a highly featured online solution where the information can be managed and entered. The aim was to provide the highly secure method of managing the information.

Jail Management System has a wide range of goal and objectives out of which the prime considerations are listed below:

  • A system capable of managing info and reports.
  • Remote Access to data
  • Transformed the desktop software to web based application
  • Form options from static to dynamic along with mobile compatibility.
  • A web-based solution that is adaptive, innovative, lightweight and capable of catering the needs of different types.
  • A system should also be highly reliable and scalable to protect the client data.
  • Individual modules for the specific task
  • All menus are configurable
  • Drag n Drop Functionality
  • Single Page Web Application


  • Database

    Microsoft SQL Server

  • Third Party API

    dhtmlxGrid.API, Itextsharp, Select2.js

  • Tools & Technology

    SVN, VB.Net, jQuery, HTML5, WCF, Crystal Reports, CSS


TatvaSoft developed a web application "Jail Management System" which is easily accessible from computers and offers user-friendly features that manage the information related to the inmates, in the highly secure method.

It offered following features which include:

  • Inmate Modules
    • Inmate Summary Information
    • Admissions/Intake
    • Personal Information
    • Inmate Contacts and Visitation
    • Billing and Charges/Holds
    • Classification Screening
    • Inmate Fund and logs
    • Intermittent Sentences
    • Housed Out Tracking
    • Disciplinary
    • Health Services
  • Imaging Module
    • Sharp digital images of scars, marks and tattoos
    • Automatic crop and zoom
  • Scanning and Importation of Documents
    • Court orders, medical records, and more
  • Additional Features
    • Complete historical data conversion
    • Barcoding for inmates, security checks, and shift logs
    • Watch Tour Manager Integration
    • Biometrics for inmate searching and release confirmation
    • Easily reorganize menus and sub tabs (using drag and drop) to match your agencyï's operational priorities
    • Create workflows to match your flow of operations
    • Modify menu names, sub tab names, and field label names per your requirements
    • Add your own fields or any system field to the inmateï's header information
    • Create your own fields and add them to any screen
    • Screen progress indicator shows the status of each screen (e.g. In Progress or Complete)
    • Create, save and reuse your own search criteria and parameters
    • Intra-agency Messaging
    • Staff Training, Work Release and Grievance Tracking Module


Client gained colossal benefits from TatvaSoft's end-to-end services. TatvaSoft's provided solution stimulated client's business with time-saving and cost-effectiveness. TatvaSoft successfully developed a richly formatted on-line jail management system, which improvised the existing system with extended features and easy navigating functionality.

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