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Kiosk Video Visitation System


Client, based in Alabama, is well-known as "go-to" guys for their cutting-edge physical security and jail management systems. In correction industries, they are the first to successfully pioneer touchscreen technology. They adapted new techniques to enhance the security and communication methods. They are continuing to break new ground with RFID inmate tracking and mobile security control technology.

The client decided to develop a web-based solution which fulfills below attributes:

  • To craft the solution in latest WebRTC technology and to enhance their Flash based system.
  • A system which is web-based and can be accessed from remote locations even. It is mandatory to have a good internet speed, headsets and webcam.
  • To transform an intranet solution to internet-based solution
  • Enhanced security features
  • Visitors can't communicate from homes/offices, compulsory need to step to prison to talk.


  • Server:


  • Database:

    Microsoft SQL Server

  • Tools & Technology:

    Visual Studio, HTML5, VB.Net, WebRTC, jQuery, Web Service


TatvaSoft acquired and intended a web-based solution and video conferencing solution which is user-friendly and emphasis on one to one and one to many communication.

The solution offered following features which include:

  • Unlimited users can create accounts and use it for taking to infant
  • Solution is highly secure
  • Synchronize user account with a web based application as well as kiosk
  • Live streaming of video for video conferencing
  • Call visit can be started only before 5 minutes of the actual call time.
  • Troubleshooting of headsets and camera
  • Steps to check that they are working appropriately
  • Alert for the call ending time.
  • Call gets terminated automatically when the time schedule ends up
  • Facility to add up time during call
  • Supports two languages- English and Spanish
  • Revenue module that allows you to generate significant income for your agency by charging for remote internet visits
  • Remote users pay for visits using regular or pre-paid credit and debit cards
  • The user agency sets its own charge schedule based on inmate category or remote visitor type


Client gained enormous privileges from TatvaSoft's end-to-end services. TatvaSoft's proffered solution boosted client's business with Client's based communication method. TatvaSoft successfully developed a richly formatted on-line jail live streaming communication system taking into consideration security facts, which enhanced existing system.

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