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Sharepoint Migration


The client is based in Finland and is having striving business horizons in account management and property management. They constantly thrive to improve efficiency and business profitability by providing market compatible high-quality solutions.

The methodology TatvaSoft taken into consideration for conversion of MOSS 2007 to SharePoint 2013 was the initial conversion of MOSS 2007 to SharePoint 2010 then further conversion into SharePoint 2013.

The major challenges emerged during conversion of the existing solution to SharePoint 2013 were:

  • Use of the Microsoft's best practices content database Migration in replacement of third-party tool.
  • Conversion of the solution into SharePoint 2013, should not affect the structure of the existing solution.
  • Taking two logins into consideration i.e. one is Form-based and other is Windows-based
  • Support for the template in SharePoint 2013 version
  • Making existing features compatible with SharePoint 2013
  • Use of PowerShell Script to implement updated Master Page


  • Database

    Microsoft SQL Server

  • Programming Language

    Moss 2007, SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013

  • Third party components/applications

    Telerik Controls


TatvaSoft has converted the existing client solution to the SharePoint 2013, with taking two sites and a group of site collection into consideration i.e. Account Management System and Property Management System

  • Installation & configuration of SharePoint 2013 server as per Microsoft best practices.
  • TatvaSoft provided the customization of some new features in SharePoint 2013, such as
    • Custom redirect feature and Company automation
    • Company and User ID mass creation
    • Alert creation for notification purpose and Control panel. Also Custom alert handler and user-based Alerts.
    • External login & password reset and also Automatic login via the encoded link
    • Search feature to FBA management and Account Management System
    • Latest updates and General News
  • Setting of the permissions and permission levels
  • Maintaining and managing the different User groups and Users (FBA database + AD)
  • Different notification to update users like Email alerts
  • Integration of different 3rd party web parts like,
    • Rad Editor for MOSS
    • SharePoint Form Generator
    • Fusion charts
  • The different features offered in order to reach as-it-is stage are
    • Visual layouts (also custom layouts)
    • Content (documents, items, etc.)
    • Web parts, lists, sites, pages, etc.


TatvaSoft's end-to-end services helped them in realizing their business goals. It benefitted them in the following way as new features and functionalities were added:

  • Connects all its offices and maintains all the transactions in the central database with Zero downtime
  • Centralisation of the system removed person dependency and resulted in increased productivity and efficiency
  • Client got qualified for the bank charter in Sweden complying with Swedish cash register law "nya kasslagen"
  • Secured and error-free transactions

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