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ERP Operations Management Mobile App


Client wanted to build iOS and Android mobile application on latest technology with providing as much as features avail on web application.

Client wished to build an application on Xamarin technology that has the same back end that their customers can use when they are not available on their desk and still want to perform their tasks.

Below are some of the challenges client faced before having mobile application:

  • Lack of mobile channel accessibility to end users
  • It nearly impossible for end users to access the portal/system when not presence on desk
  • Every time users need to access the system/portal from the desktop only
  • Not getting proper instant notifications
  • Huge investment for building isolated mobile app for iOS and Android
  • Expensive maintenance and support to manage two applications


  • Backend:

    Web API/WCF Service

  • Database:

    SQL Server

  • Development Platform:

    .NET, Xamarin.Forms Cross Platform


TatvaSoft developed a hybrid mobile application “ERP Operations Management” which is easily accessible from Internet, Anywhere and at any point of time.

It offered following features which include:

  • Provide flexibility to generate sales order
    • Create new sales order
    • Update/delete existing sales order
    • List view of sales order with filter ability
  • Have ability to generate sales quotation
    • Access list of inquiries
    • Create new sales quotation
    • Update/delete existing sales quotations
    • On approval, convert quotation into sales order
    • List view of sales quotation with filter ability
  • Stock management
    • Inventory count
    • Add/update/delete inventory
    • Stock pick option
    • Stock transfer between warehouses
    • Manage the goods received in the warehouse
    • Bin transfer
  • Allowing to manage push notifications receiving
  • Quick dashboard to get details about key statistics
  • Single backend admin to manage both application
  • Essential API development to make available required functionality on mobile app


To fill out core business objectives along with web, additional mobile based accessibility offered to end customer for instant access of the application. And through this, customers gained immense benefits in terms of reducing overall operational management time by handling it through mobile channel. This cost-effective and infallible solution helped the client to manage both web and mobile channels via single centralized backend.

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