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Event Management App


Client wished to create an Event Assistance application which will enable attendees to have all information regarding events beforehand by doing single time sync with the server.

The key challenges which we successfully implemented were as below:

  • Online and offline synchronization with the server
  • Real-time Live chat feature by XMPP
  • On completion of one event should remove its data and should have new event data
  • Latest updates regarding events
  • Instant responses from presenter
  • Client interest management


  • Tools & Technologies

    Swift and Xcode

  • Operating System :

    iOS 8.0+

  • Database:


  • Device Support :

    iPad2 and3, iPad mini, iPad Air


By keeping client's expectations in mind and focusing on a robust mobile application, TatvaSoft developed Event Assistance Application. This application for iPads enabled the client to manage multiple events effectively and without any hassle.

Whenever any event is going to start, the client manages its related information and presenter details in the application and once the attendees come, he distributes iPads among them.

By using the iPad application, users can leverage below features:

  • Manage created profiles
  • Contact presenter
  • Real-time chat with presenter and attendees
  • Event information
  • Map info and Floorplans
  • Presentation material access/download
  • Online surveys
  • Feedbacks regarding events
  • QR code scanning to capture profile information
  • Storage Management
  • Forums and discussions with other attendees and with presenter


The application helped our client to reduce paperwork and manual tasks to a great extent. The printing cost has been reduced tremendously and the information is shared at the faster rate. Interactions between presenter and attendees have become faster and easier. Output and success ratio for events have increased to a great extent. Online/Offline sync was done to develop this app as OCA (Occasionally Connected App).

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