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Fire Inspection App


Client is from United States, running fire and inspection agency. With years of experience and knowledge in this domain, client aimed to have a software for inspection for the assurance that buildings are safe. This thought brought into existence a cloud-based SaaS product to help fire and safety agencies to eliminate clumsy paperwork and facilitated them to conduct the assessment without skipping minor steps.

The primitive method for inspectors to note down assessment points on papers and be accurate in checking each step in a sequential manner lead to a mundane task.

Hence, a cloud-based solution Fire Protection Intelligence was recognized as a need with a range of goal and objectives as listed below:

  • Secured Authentication for Inspectors on Mobile Application.
  • The sequential order of question for input.
  • Access to reports anywhere without internet connection as a prerequisite.
  • Preview and control on unfinished reports.
  • Image capture or QR code scanning from the mobile camera.
  • Web Application for Managers of Fire Inspection Agencies to manage reports and users along with QR code generation.


  • Database

    MySQL & SQLite

  • Web Server

    MySQL & SQLite

  • Device Support

    iPhone and Android Mobiles

  • Tools & Technologies

    PHP, Swift and Xcode, Java & Eclipse


Cloud based Web and Mobile Application implemented based on the specific needs of Fire Agencies in USA offers following features:

  • Independent and secured interface for Inspectors which allows mobility with the all possible native functionality access.
  • Multiple reports with chronological ordered questions for assessment refraining the user to violate the sequence.
  • Cloud based on centralized storage, and easy, universal access as soon as the reports are submitted which allows the manager to have the real time to access on the Web portal.
  • Offline Data Storage enables continuous storage without inadequacy of data loss in the absence of internet.
  • Access to unfinished reports with temporary data saved locally allowing to start from where it was paused.
  • QR code scanning from the mobile application user can track the devices in the building along with the inspection percentage completion.
  • Application extracts about previous discrepancies during the inspection if the user selects to scan QR code of the instrument thus helping inspectors to take the necessary steps based on the history.
  • Allows the inspector to attach captured images of the devices during inspection as well as attach notes with signature to acknowledge completion of the inspection.
  • Web application facilitates the managers to preview and generate PDF reports for the finished assessments.
  • QR code generation for each instrument for different reports is facilitated from the Web Application.
  • Web application eases manager to search for buildings to retrieve the different reports.


Cloud-based Web and Mobile Application acted as a tool for the agencies of fire inspection. Tool eased the process to track several hundred codes and norms to certify the buildings are safe from fire-related accidents. The SaaS-based product proved to be the beneficial return on investment as well as a valid ratified process sold to Fire & Safety that authorizes the checks carried out by fire inspectors.

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