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Portfolio Finance Legal Data Management


In order to maintain all the legal information, the client wanted a solution that can manage and maintain all the data of legal system and functionality allow to go paperless for attorney and courts.

“Legal Data Management” has a wide range of goals and objectives, the major challenges faced during implementation are:

  • A web based solution that is adaptive, customizable, innovative and capable of catering the needs of Legal firm.
  • Implementation of the search methods to load thousands of data in one search.
  • Generation of the content document for managing the details related to the specific case.
  • Implementation of keyboard navigation into application where most of the features of application can be accessible through keyboard shortcuts keys.
  • A scalable solution that can maintain and manage the legal case related details.


  • Database

    Microsoft SQL

  • Tools

    Microsoft Visual Studio

  • Technologies

    Microsoft C# , ASP .Net, Microsoft .NET Framework, Knockout.js.


TatvaSoft developed a web application known as “Legal Data Management” having following core features:

  • Listing of various referrals, reminder, court dates and incomplete court details etc.
  • Maintain and manage different case details such as charges, documents related to the case, court dates, witness details, evidence tracking, etc.
  • Integration of the OUTLOOK with the calendar to maintain the meeting appointment
  • Power Search functionality to search the details of any entity from the application.
  • Automated process for maintaining and managing complete document details related to the case for the attorney, including managing of the next assigned court date details also.
  • Creation of various types of different reports such as report for charges assign, authorized events, charges authority, similar defendant, standby notification, etc.
  • Managing the different templates for the document generation for different case details.
  • Maintaining and managing the details related to evidence tracking for different Case.
  • Allows the “Investigation Services Tracking” feature for maintaining the investigation details like investigator, task, date, location etc.
  • “Victim Services” functionality to maintain and manage the different facilities and services provided to the victim.
  • “Electronic Docket” feature manages the judge details for particular court, along with the event creation for the task assigned.
  • Cloud based hosting for the application.
  • Integration of the different external tools such as Westlaw NEXT® and CLEAR®
  • Various different features like reminder notification to the user, notification for the witness details, next schedule court details. Document generation at the time of notifying to maintain the proof for the Case.


The client derived business benefits by virtue of its associations with TatvaSoft that includes workflow management, case management, document generation and management, notification alerts, allowing the multiple action through single operations, report generation, filling of the court details, evidence tracking, investigation services tracking, manage the availability of information at back office staff and generation of document on demand.

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