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Nurse Hiring


Client served Hospitals, Insurance, Housing, Primary care physicians, and anyone whose primary goal is to keep the patients happy and healthy. The client wanted a platform through a caretaker can be booked easily and reports and statistic data would have been calculated for further reference.

Application has a wide range of goal and objectives out of which the prime considerations are listed below:

  • Send request to all therapist who cure the symptoms chosen by patient
  • Apply payment methods that are being used
  • Sending notification while getting any booking as well as acceptance or rejection of booking
  • Maintain the messaging facility without revealing the personal number
  • Complex calculation after receiving the promotional code to give benefit to the patient
  • Managing the rating and reviews of therapist
  • Dual accountability management, one is user and another is therapist
  • Suggestion of different therapist according to patient's symptoms
  • Favoritism maintenance by the user, when it comes about the therapist


  • Platform:


  • Device Support:


  • Database:


  • Tools & Technologies:

    Objective-C, Xcode, Braintree


TatvaSoft provided a solution with an iPhone mobile application. It offers a wide range of facilities to the users of the client to book the therapist according to the symptoms they are having. It depends on the therapist that they want to accept the request or not. All the therapist who can cure that symptom will be notified through the notification system. A patient can maintain the log of bookings and favouritism related to a therapist. Payment will be managed through this platform and then there is no need for cash. Acceptance and rejecting facility with the current status of the booking will be handled through the platform. A patient will be cured and will be served happily. To maintain this, the platform is the mediator between therapists and patients.

  • Booking notification management to all the therapist who can cure the symptoms
  • Therapists have a wide range of ratings with their details
  • Messaging facility between therapist and patient without revealing the phone number
  • Notification of acceptance or rejection status from the therapist
  • Send and receive payment through payment methods, named as Braintree
  • Invoice generation of the payment that has been made
  • Maintain favorite therapist in the list
  • Store and track previous bookings of any therapist for particular symptoms
  • Schedule of booked therapist at the user side and schedule of therapist at therapist side


This app is helpful to the patients who are supposed to be taken care of under someone called a nurse. A friendly app allows booking the nurse and getting the care on the spot, It stores the statistic data for future reference. On-demand prescription and guidance to the patient is possible. Decreased the health care cost and unnecessary driving scene to the patient's home.

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