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Musical Network


Based in Singapore, well-known in art & culture industry, our client has to organize great musical events, performances globally. Having praiseworthy relations with various musicians and bands he wanted to empower them to manage their careers more effectively.

Client wanted an online platform to the musicians to find work and clients (private events, individuals, corporate events) to book live music performance. As a marketplace built by the musicians for the musicians.

"Musical Network" has a wide range of goal and objectives out of which the prime considerations are listed below:

  • A calendar facility to track, control and manage different activities of all band groups on a single screen
  • Schedule and manage activities like band performance, rehearsal, lesson and generic. Send notifications of scheduled activities to the associated band members
  • Help facility to find a time slot within specific day and time when all band members are available
  • A chat platform to chat with the band members
  • Ability to invite friends to join band group
  • Specific responsive design for the mobile device in terms of layout and functionality
  • Customize search functionality
  • Produced a clear and user-friendly platform to manage band activities


  • Server OS

    Linux Server

  • Application Server


  • Programming Language

    PHP, CodeIgniter

  • Database


  • Tools

    Sphinx, HybridAuth, TCPDF


TatvaSoft developed a web application "Musical Network" for the above purpose. It offered following features which include:

  • Informative website for musicians/band to register, band finder to register and to search for band, musicians or performances
  • Band Finder
    • Fill Band finder form, to search for the required band. Request sent to all corresponding bands.
    • Get response from band manager with combined band and equipment quote. Requote/book the band from the list of different quotes.
    • Chat with the band manager, make the payment that will be transferred to musical network admin and will be sent to band manager after the successful band performance. Track all events with each & every operation history.
    • Raise a ticket for any abuse
  • Musicians
    • Update personal & musician profile, connect with social media, make friends
    • Create band and invite members, manage band information & performances
    • Search other musicians and view their profile, invite them into the band, chat with other musician
    • Separate mobile app designed for band members/manager as below:
      • BandCal: Track all events, performances, rehearsal, lessons or other generic occasions along with its all information, schedules and members
      • BandChat: Chat with the band member, send the urgent reminder
      • BandHelp: Search available band for specific time slot based on their schedules
  • Band Manager
    • For all his band as a band manager, he receives the band enquiries. Filter the enquiries on its status - new/quoted/rejected.
    • On new enquiry, view enquiry details and send the quote by specifying the cost for band and equipment. Once finalizing the quote, send the quote to Band Finder.
    • Track payment history, dashboard with graphical revenue reports
  • Administrator
    • Administrator with the all User management, Band management, event management, payment record management, refund management, content management and view reports.
    • As a customer service admin, track the tickets for all abuses and after checking the all conversation between both parties, reject or approve the ticket.


The Musical Band portal is an online platform that connects musicians, music related businesses (music studios, musical instrument companies, music vendors & suppliers, etc.) and clients (companies, individuals, private events, wedding events, pubs, clubs, hotels, etc.) and provides the platform with options for live music.

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