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Online Purchase System


Our Australia based client required us to develop a business solution for purchase/finance department in his organization.

He wanted to automate the workflow of this department with the following objective:

  • User-friendly interface, touchscreen interface will be preferable.
  • Need an ability to order items for multiple sites.
  • Easy coordination with other departments with the feature to manage e-documents related to trucks efficiently.
  • Capability to communicate with the other system to share information.
  • Functionality to monitor the pending credits, core deposits, pending orders.
  • Graphical representation of statistical data to aid decision making.
  • Complete automation of the purchase department with workflow implementation.


  • Programming Language

    Microsoft C#.Net

  • Database

    Microsoft SQL Server R2

  • Frameworks

    Microsoft Silverlight, Microsoft Workflows


TatvaSoft provided a solution "Online Purchase System" that was extremely useful with the following features:

It offered following features which include:

  • Complete automation of purchase cycle.
  • Supply chain maintenance.
  • Manage trucks and plan itinerary for waste management.
  • Facility to put Partial orders.
  • Customizable, easy and enchanting User Interface.
  • Master Maintenance
  • Purchase Order
    • Create Order from quotation, order cloning or from the scratch
    • Set options like part payment, delivery options, instructions etc. Send Order.
  • Quotation
    • Select most efficient supplier and send the request for quotation
    • Update the quotation details using Supplier's response
  • Purchase Entry
    • Receive the Order delivery, goods inwards
    • Verify the received goods against the actual order.
    • Check the states and quality of the items
    • Return any damaged/faulty/improper goods to the supplier
  • Items Selection
    • Options to choose multiple items to place a Quotation or Purchase Order
    • Search on Item master to select items
    • Booking sheets give you a list of consumed items
    • Re-quote notification gives you the list of item to ask for their prices
  • Maintain Booking sheet
    • Enter details about the item consumption to the Booking sheet.
    • This information will be used to make the new purchase and charged the consumer (trucks) for the items.
  • Customized and graphical reporting module using charts and graphs


TatvaSoft has developed an application using Silverlight, Microsoft workflow that helped decision maker to predict and manage every aspect of their purchase. The system successfully takes data from other applications and databases and provides statistics of ordered and consumed parts. It has a very flexible way to quote and to place a purchase order for one or many parts in a single go. It gave more clear vision to the client by providing very good and detailed reports related to purchase orders, part consumption etc.

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