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Project Management App


Client based in Australia is amongst one of the most leading service providers in the telecom domain of Internet services, Telephonic services and Cloud solutions. The client wanted an enhancement and master data migration support from our side for his existing application.

Client was willing to enhance some new features in his existing application. The solution manages different projects with configuration details. Key contacts of the project are stored within this site. Whenever the project is created, pre-defined tasks are allocated to the respective persons or the departments along with the task start and due dates for the task execution. There is also an add-on functionality of sending emails for each task assignment. Whenever any action is taken on the task, an email notification is sent to the customer.

The key challenges faced during implementation of the "Project Management System" are:

  • To manage the complex workflow and generate web reports
  • Calculation of holidays in workflow for the task - Start date and Due date
  • To implement the date calculation logic for managing the SLA start and end date
  • To manage the generation of the automated task for different projects
  • Implementation of the Escalation Process for their overdue or pending tasks


  • Development Platform

    Microsoft Visual Studio, SharePoint Designer

  • Tools & Technologies

    CSOM, C#, jQuery, SharePoint online, Azure


TatvaSoft developed an application "Project management System" which basically focuses on the project management even manages related details and allocated task details.

The other key functionalities of the solution are:

  • Email Notification to Customer for Each Phase/Task: Email Notification is sent to the customer for each phase. Also, email alerts are sent to the assigned person when there is the new entry in the TO DO List.
  • Task Management: The solution facilities different tasks management with an auto fetching functionality of all task details from the project list that are assigned to the respective persons/departments when the project is created.
  • Audit Reports: Audit Report is generated for identifying due and overdue tasks.
  • Report generation with the functionality to share it in email and export to excel.
  • Escalation Process: Automated notification to Users for their overdue or pending tasks.
  • Workflow: Manage the Automatic Task generation and its assignation to the respective persons/departments.
  • Manage details of Dealer Contact, Building, Site management, Signed, Technical Contact, etc.
  • Progress Notes: To manage different progress list in the Project list, when the project is completed.
  • Project Management: Different projects are managed and stored in List along with various needful configurations and contact details.


Client gained colossal benefits from TatvaSoft's services. TatvaSoft's provided solution stimulated client's business with various business accelerating features which offered the product offering from the end-customers, in resulting of deepening of relationships with existing end customers. The solution helped the client for managing the list of all the provisioning and project details for the providing internet services to end customers.

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