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Project Management System


Client is based in Spain and is leading project management and enterprise work management solution that intelligently combines benefits of "Software As a Service" (SaaS) with the traditional project management capabilities and providing reliable and accurate information and visibility to management for optimizing the resource utilization.

The client wants to develop web-based SaaS (Software As a Service) business solution in the form of "Project Management System" that facilitates effective project management, IT resource management and information sharing to have a live track of the project activities and status.

"Project Management System" has a wide range of goals and objectives out of which the prime considerations are listed below:

  • Devising a system that provides information for decision-making and to improve project management.
  • Provision to keep track on the progress of all the project activities.
  • Facilitates demonstration of results through the project evaluation.
  • Empowering project stakeholders and management by providing the right information at right time.
  • Targeted to increase opportunities to learn from the best practices.


  • Tools

    .NET charting, Telerik Controls

  • Database

    Microsoft SQL Server

  • Reporting Tool

    Telerik reports

  • Technologies

    Microsoft .NET Framework, C#, jQuery


TatvaSoft provided a web-based business solution that was very useful and was intended to better manage information on projects, communications and track status of different projects and assignments.

Below are the core features of the project management system:

  • Project Management: Facilitates to define the project structure, allocation of team members and project stakeholders, assigning tasks and schedule ng follow up, managing budget, various cost and risks pertaining to the project. Classic and Kanban projects managed in a single integrated portfolio.
  • Project Portfolio: Provision to have detailed information on the project that includes unique project number, a name of the project, priority assigned to project, project approval, project status, project manager assigned to project, start and end date of the project etc.
  • IT Resource Management: This feature allow the user to manage applications, information and infrastructure that enable easy coordination amongst the team members and project activities.
  • Graphical representation of Information: Provision to generate project schedule in the form of Gantt chart. Dynamically generated data are represented in a simple and presentable way by virtually stunning graphics using commercially available third-party tool.
  • Dashboard: Informative dashboard that provides real-time information about project status, productivity and risks associated with any particular project.
  • Multicurrency and Multilanguage Support: Facilitates to view project costs and budget related information in multiple currencies with foreign exchange conversion. User can set the language of his choice and can view.
  • Reports: Powerful third-party reporting tool is used to extract useful information based on various reporting parameters.
  • Users and roles management: Facilitates role based access to user groups. This feature ensures the authentication and authorization of user that has the privilege to access different functionalities of the application.
  • Cost and Revenue: Be in control of all the costs and expenditures of each task, calculating the margin and properly monitoring them all.
  • Document Management: Powerful document management system that consists of unlimited document storage, Compatible with external links and storage systems, Links to projects, services, tasks, risks and procurement.


The client has successfully derived many business benefits from "Project Management System". It has provided project roadmap that is easily followed and helps to increase efficiency in delivering services. It has improved and enhanced customer satisfaction by helping to complete projects on time and within the budget with adherence to project plan. It has offered better flexibility by allowing the user to map out the strategy to accomplish the project.

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