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Community Investment


Below are some of the challenges that the client faced before the platform was built:

  • Improves corporate brand image on local, national and international levels.
  • Building a platform that supports external relations with key stakeholders.
  • Provides employees with team-building opportunities, thus increasing company loyalty and employee morale.
  • Provides employees with an outlet to get out of the office and break up their work schedule, thus increasing employee engagement and employee productivity.
  • Must be able to support fast (25mbps+) and slow (1mbps+) internet connections using best practices such as asynchronous loading for CSS and JavaScript files, deferrals, browser caching, etc.


  • Technology

    PHP, Laravel 5.5, Vue.js

  • Database


  • Programming Language


  • Development Tool/OS

    Visual Studio Code


TatvaSoft successfully developed the portal for an accountant that provides the following benefits:

  • Support 250 000+ users from multiple geographic locations.
  • The user of the CI platform can automatically access the form on the optimal submission platform.
  • The news page that displays all the stories in the platform.
  • An advanced filter having the following options: Themes, Country, City, Skills, Type, Organization, Rating, Date.
  • Displays a list of all the published stories with details of the user who submitted the story, images, and sharing tool.
  • Multilanguage: User can change language (Hebrew/Arabic), and everything is displayed in selected language and it is saved for user’s next login.
  • Notification: Users will receive a list of notification, can manage notification settings for what notification they would like to receive ex: mission notification.
  • Dashboard to view all my activities and input their volunteering times.
  • The users can recommend the mission to a coworker.
  • Users can input a short text about themselves to be displayed in all profile pages on the platform.
  • Display Chart that displays the total sum of hours volunteered by the user since the beginning of the year + display yearly goal.
  • Display a chart of the activities filters by skills of approved missions (count). The user can also sort by year.

Key features of project management

  • Focus on core competencies.
  • Access to the best technological talent.
  • Reduced Total Cost of Operation.
  • Tatvasoft’ solid security and quality policies stemming from its SEI CMMI Level 3 and Microsoft Gold Certified Partner – based processes, ensuring that the client receives the best possible services.


The solution comprised of a web-based portal that increased employee engagement and helps to improve the company’s brand image globally and locally. TatvaSoft delivered an effective, user-friendly and error-free system that accelerated the client’s business and created cost savings.

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