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Personal Growth Mobile Application


In order to realize the idea of developing a software solution that can improve mental & personal growth, the client decided to develop a Mobile application and its web based back-end system with below objectives:

  • Application should run on all iOS devices and available to be downloaded from Apple’s App Store
  • System allows users to buy license for monthly and yearly basis
  • Application must be capable to address the carefully crafted roadmap by client in terms of user journey and overall app experience
  • System must have a capable back-end administration system that can be used to serve data to the mobile applications.
  • Capability to the users to design quotes by themselves
  • Share the quotes to social media platforms
  • All app users must be able to receive daily quotes for the subscribed categories


  • Server


  • Database


  • Third Party Tool


  • Tools & Technology

    iOS (Swift), Ruby On Rails (ROR), jQuery


TatvaSoft designed and developed a solution named “Personal Growth Mobile Application” that improves mental health. Major features are as listed below:

Build Yourself – Self Growth Program

  • Ability to design growth program by users themselves
  • User can choose collections based on what they are working on or through or use the Create tool to design their own. It’s a powerful way to keep one’s intentions top of mind, affirm the new reality they are creating, and maintain the focus needed to redesign the mind.

Automated Reminders

  • Once the growth program is designed, system will send reminders periodically throughout the day (maximum 3 times)
  • These reminders serve as powerful pattern interrupters to keep one in a state of awareness and higher consciousness while they do the work of reprogramming their thoughts.

Admin Back-End

  • System administrator or Business unit administrator can manage various aspects of the system as below:
    • Users Management
    • Quotes Management
    • Categories Management
    • Push Notifications to the Users
    • Reminder to the Users whose subscriptions are expiring
    • Integration with Mailchimp to send emails


Powerful, intuitive, and niche software solutions like these are delivered with utmost care in the making. As a result, client is yielding great business benefits thanks to their vision being carefully crafted into a well-functioning software solution, which can boast of a satisfied core user base with ever growing adaption by new users.

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